Sunday, October 13, 2013

Field Trip - Gluten Free Vegan Potluck

My brother, Eric a.k.a. The Meaty Vegan and his beautiful wife invited us to a potluck at their home in Ithaca last night.  All the dishes had to be gluten free and vegan so I made Cream of Squash Soup from The Great Life Cookbook which will be our Foodie Friday Recipe later this week. There were about 20 people there including the kids who had their own room to hang out in and do crafts.

I took Dr. D. and my 13-year-old Miss M. with me.  Since the BMW has leather seats, Dr. D. designated his other vehicle to be the one we take to vegan dinners.

He's a funny guy!

The assortment of food was amazing!  Tempeh, pasta Alfredo, buffalo chicken strips, guacamole, bok choy salad, macaroni and cheese, savory pie and three different kinds of pizza.  All gluten free.  All vegan.  And if that weren't enough, the guests and conversations were just as varied and enjoyable as the food. 

I wanted to take a picture before the food was gone but it went too quickly!
A testament to how delicious it all was!

Dr. D. and I had a great time and it's always a good thing when I can show him how amazing a vegan lifestyle can be.

One thing I did learn last night was to never allow Miss M. to bring her gelatin filled gummy worms to a vegan dinner again.  She got all the details on where gelatin comes from.

Thanks for a fun night, Eric and Jen!

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