Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blog of the Week - Happy Herbivore

Lindsay Nixon, The Happy Herbivore
Lindsay Nixon is an ambitious young woman.  She left a career as a lawyer and now is an author of four fabulous cookbooks.  All her recipes are plant-based, use no oil (translation: low-fat) and are easy to make.  

On top of those accomplishments, she also has meal plans to get you started toward a healthier way of living.  She creates the weekly menu and gives you the recipes and a shopping list!  Cool, right?

Her blog is really amazing.  Happy Herbivore blog features a Herbie of the Week (readers who have lost weight on a plant-based diet), tips for living vegan in the real world and now she's even developed an Exit Strategy program for those looking to quit their full-time job and live their dreams.  I honestly don't know when she has time to sleep.  

Oh, did I tell you she's a Pug Mama?  What's not to love!

Lindsay's puggy, Quaid

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