Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blog of the Week: Meaty Vegan

My brother.  Isn't he cute?

First, a confession:  Meaty Vegan is my brother's blog.  That is the confession, now for two warnings.

#1:  Eric is very strong in his vegan views after making the lifestyle change over 18 months ago with his wife. 

#2: You will laugh your @$$ off at some of his posts.  My brother has a wicked (and sometimes twisted) sense of humor.

Eric used to dream of gravy and ate more chicken wings than anyone I knew.  That was until he and his wife decided to try a vegan lifestyle...just for 30 days.  Those 30 days have turned into close to two years of both of them being committed to this lifestyle.  On top of that, they both follow a gluten free diet.  I consider that whenever I start to think staying vegan is hard. Eric is in the best health of his life and has lost a ton of weight  Hats off to you and Jen, little brother!

Check him out!  He's lettin' his freak flag fly!  Go (Meaty) Vegan!

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