Friday, November 22, 2013

Foodie Friday! Field Roast Grain Meat

This Friday's food post doesn't feature a recipe.  Instead, it's a chance to call to your attention an amazing product.  Field Roast Grain Meat has a variety of plant-based meats that will knock your socks off!

The first one I tried was the Apple Sage Sausage I used in my Sausage n' Kraut Skillet recipe.  I will remind you that this is the recipe that, after tasting it compelled Sprout, my straight female office mate to propose marriage to me twice.

Next was the Italian Sausage variety which I again taste tested on Sprout who told me it made her very confused.  

"This is not meat?" 

"It's meat but it's plant based."

The Italian Sausage has the same spiciness and mouth feel of the sausage I remember when I was an omnivore.  I can't wait to try it on a pizza!

Thursday morning, I sliced into the Celebration Loaf and sauteed it in a pan with a little olive oil which I will NOT do next time as it dried out when I warmed it up later.  If I'm making it to eat right away, I think it'd be a great way to cook it but otherwise I will rely on my microwave to heat individual slices.  

Celebration Roast with delicata squash on the side!
Voila!  Lunch!

I'm looking forward to trying their other products!  

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